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CSIRO Supercomputer, Kensington

CSIRO’s new $80 million Pawsey supercomputer in Kensington is cooled using a novel geothermal solution known as groundwater cooling, which is expected to save more than 14.5 million litres of water over the first two years of operation. CSIRO believes the technology has the potential to replace water cooling towers in large commercial and residential buildings throughout Perth.

In conjunction with RKM Building Group WA, we were contracted to provide 36 custom pre-cast concrete culverts and lids and three custom directional change pits to house the chilled water pipes.

  • 36 custom pre-cast concrete culverts and lids
  • 3 custom directional change pits
  • 100 tons of concrete
  • High-spec manufacturing and easy-lift installation

"Cascada’s supply of Pre-cast culverts met the requirements of a small CSIRO construction site. Manufactured off site they were delivered on time and easy to install."

Christopher Mills – RKM Building- Director/Project Manager